Project management in the construction industry is really satisfying. We effect visible change and to see something grow from the ground up that has been managed through every stage, knowing that it will be around for potentially hundreds of years to come is the best job in the world.

To help investors and stakeholders understand the value of using a project management firm, we have compiled some frequently asked questions.

Do I need a project manager?

We recommend any projects with a value of £50,000 or more should be overseen by a project manager, as from this level we can guarantee costs savings as well as manage the overall stress and hassle.

Our team is connected at every stage, rather than employing an architect, a surveyor, a builder, roofer etc, who all want to work to their own agenda, our team already knows each other, understands each role and the process of making a project happen.

We are especially important in the public sector with substantial construction projects that might only come around once in a generation. Our team has the capacity to work on multiple projects, taking knowledge and experience from one to another.

What is project management?

Project Management is a professional service applying effective and efficient management techniques to planning, design and construction from inception to completion. The project manager has control over the time, cost and the overall quality of the works.

When should you hire a project manager?

A project manager should be the very first firm hired for a project, before the architect and contractors as we are most effective when given the opportunity to manage the entire programme of works, bringing great value before contracts are drawn up.

What is the role of a project manager?

Undertaking a construction project is a complex challenge, requiring coordination of different teams. As principle contact, the project manager acts on behalf of the investor/stakeholders to manage the planners, designers and construction together. As well as ensuring that everyone is informed and understands their role, the budget, expectations and schedule for completing on time. This includes:

– Contract development, management and administration
– Schedule monitoring
– On-site construction management and coordination
– Budgetary management
– Control of change and adjustments
– Quality assurance
– Health and Safety
– Project completion and closure

What guarantees can a project manager provide?

– Health and Safety
– Quality of workmanship
– Full accreditation
– Warranties

What are the key stages in project management?

– Feasibility – we will make it happen
– Design – the responsibility is ours
– Set the budget based on the design
– Procurement – in terms of finance, technical and the finalisation of the contract
– Construction – project completed to original specifications
– Post construction – project is handed over to the owner

Why should you choose MLS Group as your project manager?

We provide the strategy to deliver the best possible projects, on time and within budget. MLS Group provides the knowledge and experience needed to oversee any type of project from £50,000 to £10m+ within residential, commercial or industrial sectors.

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